The Most Interesting Fly Fisherman in the World

The Most Interesting Fly Fisherman in The World

Submitted by Bud Koor

• When he wishes you “good luck,” you always catch a fish.
• When he hooks a fish, other fish jump out of the water to get a better look at him.
• When a fish breaks his line, it swims back to return his fly.
• When he catches and releases a fish, it refuses to leave.
• Big fish tell stories about him.
• His casts can untie wind knots.
• He is the only person allowed to use a reel on a Tenkara rod.
• The footprints you find at your secret spot are always his.
• He lifts Muskies from the water by their lip.
• He can fish anywhere in a lake without a boat or a float tube.
• He trains mosquitos and black flies to protect him from ticks.
• He can tie every fishing knot with only one hand, including three that only he knows.
• The only time he hooked his fly in a tree, he taught a squirrel to retrieve it.
• He didn’t catch a fish one day, just to see what it felt like.

Stay Thirsty My Friend

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