November 2018 – Newsletter

Good morning folks

Fall is in full swing and the fish are biting. The cooler weather brings Monday night fly tying. Craig has sent out emails keeping everyone posted. This month’s club membership meeting will be on Tuesday November 27. Craig will be giving a presentation on still water fishing. Our meal will be baked Macaroni and cheese. As a reminder for those that don’t know. Malden Anglers now has a video camera security system in place. We recently had a theft at the club and thanks to the cameras the property was returned and the offender is no longer a member of the club. We will not tolerate theft The club is the last place someone should worry about getting their stuff stolen. On a different note. For those that know Fred Jennings. He has recently taken ill and is selling his fly fishing equipment. If anyone is interested please email me and I will get you a list of what is available.

Joe Cresta.

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