Here are some of the most common questions about membership,  the fishing experience and the community at the Malden Anglers Association


Is Malden Anglers fly fishing only?

From our Fall stocking, around late-September, until mid-June, only fly-fishing is allowed on Patkin Pond.  Members and their guests must practice catch-and-release.  During the summer months trout cannot be sustained and the pond is open to some exciting largemouth bass fishing with flies, artificial lures and worms.  During the summer, spinning gear is allowed and caught fish are allowed to be kept.


What is an angler?

An "angler" is a person who fishes with a rod and line.  In the 1400s fishing hooks were called "angles."  So angling is fishing with hook and line.  If you want to examine this further, check out The Treatise of FISHING WITH AN ANGLE. This historical text, by Dame Juliana Berners, is stored in Sports Illustrated's archives.


Are my spouse and child allowed to fish if I'm a member?

Yes, your spouse has all of the privileges that are afforded to you as a member except voting.

A child, a junior member, between the ages of 10 and 18 must be accompanied by you when fishing and are not allowed to fish at the pond for a two-week period beginning on Opening Day in both the Spring and Fall fishing seasons. Junior members under the age of 16 are not allowed in any flotation craft on the pond. Guests under the age of ten (10) are only allowed to fish on designated Kid’s Days.

Other rules and policy for all members can be found in our complete rules and policies.


Do I need a Massachusetts fishing license to fish on Patkin Pond?

No, If you are a member or a guest of a member you do not need a Massachusetts fishing license to fish on the pond.


Where can I obtain a copy of Malden Angler's Rules and Policies?

A printed copy of Malden Angler's rules and policies can be obtained at clubhouse or the latest PDF version can be obtained by clicking here.