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Learn The Art Of Fly Tying

From trout to bass and from panfish to bonefish, catching fish on a fly that you have tied is exciting and rewarding.  Learn the art of fly tying with Malden Anglers.

Fly tying nights are held throughout the winter months in the warm club house.  A pattern or two are taught each night with experienced members providing the instruction.

Beginning fly tyers are welcome.  There are always spare vises and extra materials for those getting started.  Once you get introduced to this captivating activity, you'll be "hooked."


Featured Fly Tyer: Dick Brown

Dick Brown has stalked bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, and other tropical saltwater species for over 30 years and he’s fished extensively for bones in the Bahamas, Caribbean, Pacific, South America, and Florida Keys. He is one the foremost authorities on bonefish and author of Fly Fishing for Bonefish and Bonefish Fly Patterns, considered by many to be the bibles on this great game fish, and they have received high praise by reviewers.

Dick is an innovative fly designer, tyer, and authority on tropical saltwater patterns. He has created several signature flats flies including the Beady Crab, the Hare Trigger, the Strip Tease, the Phantom Crab, the Magic Mantis, and the Slinky Toad.

Dick Brown and other members are regular contributors, leaders and teachers at Malden Anglers.

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When's the next fly tying night?

Check the club calendar to find the next fly tying night.