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What is fly fishing?

What makes fly fishing so addictive?  Perhaps it's because the complex physiology of a trout requires them to live in only the clearest, coldest, cleanest water and by pursuing them, they take us, as anglers, to some of the most beautiful locations in the world.  They invite us to refresh our minds and souls in the very waters that they live.

Perhaps fly fishing is that rarest of opportunities for sportsmen like ourselves to bind art to sport. The art in casting, fly tying, etymology or even reading the water to a sport akin to hunting, camping and hiking.

Yes, to some it is merely the sport of casting a fly, an artificial lure comprised of feather, thread and fur tied to a hook on a weighted line to catch fish.  But to devout anglers it is so much more.

Saltwater fly fishing

A natural evolution of angling for trout is to go after saltwater species with fly tackle.  Soon, heavier gear; graphite rods in the 9+ weight category and large arbor reels capable of recoiling a hundred yards of line in seconds, have become the weapons of choice for saltwater fly fishermen.

As New Englanders, we are blessed with some wonderful local fisheries.  Bluefish, striped bass and false albacore migrate annually to our waters and we cast to them our favorite minnows, clousers or deceivers. Stripping baskets overflowing with unfurled line.

Tropical locations like Florida, the Bahamas, Mexico, Belize or even Christmas Island and the quarry for your fly tackle is another challenge altogether. The chrome rocket bonefish, aerobatic tarpon or giant trevally are eager to take your shrimp, crab or baitfish fly.


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