Trout in Malden Angler's pond enjoy a clear, clean balanced eco system. A variety of mayfly, caddis and midge help maintain a healthy trout population throughout the season. Osprey, hawk, geese, king fishers, muskrat, turtles and fox are regular visitors to the grounds.

The pond is stocked twice each year, in March/April and again in September. Club members enjoy fly-fishing for trout from ice out to ice in; usually seven to eight months a year. Largemouth bass, some exceeding four pounds, can be taken during the late spring and summer with fly tackle or spinning gear and lures. The club encourages the practice of catch and release.

While wading is not permitted, there are six casting platforms that allow coverage of much of the pond as well as numerous spots for casting from shore. There is also a boat launch to launch a canoe, kayak or float tube if you wish to try fishing the deep water toward the middle of the pond.