The Sport of Fly Fishing

Whether you're seeking the tranquility of a glacier cut lake, or the current of a river runs through you, fly fishing brings together mind and body.  Start your journey of a thousand casts with Malden Anglers.

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The Art of Fly Tying

Fly tying is the ultimate expression of the sport of fly fishing.  It is an art form that binds feather, fur and hook to imitate Mother Nature herself.  Learn to tie dry flies, nymphs, saltwater flies, even bonefish and tarpon flies with Malden Anglers.

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Healing Those Who Serve

Malden Anglers is proud to support Project Healing Waters an organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of disabled veterans and active duty military through angling and related activities.  Through fly fishing, we are committed to healing both physically and emotionally those who have given so much to our country.

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Since 1993

Covid 19 Statement

As you know, in accordance with governmental direction, all indoors and in-person operational and corporate activities at Malden Anglers have stopped; there are no monthly meetings, no fly tying, opening day breakfast was cancelled, and the fly casting clinic has been postponed. Your Board of Directors continues to communicate and meet by electronic means.

Your Board of Directors has also evaluated the current Massachusetts Department of Public Health Advisory for its impact on the outdoor aspects of the Club. The Advisory is in two parts. The first part strongly advises those who are 70 years and older and those with underlying health conditions to them to stay-at-home with the exception of essential trips. We urge our members in that category to comply with the MassDPH advisory.

The second part advises all others to stay-at-home as it is possible for people to spread the virus to others up to 48 hours before they have symptoms. The Advisory allows for going outside for fresh air and exercising, while maintaining appropriate distancing. To allow for outside activities, Mass. Fish and Wildlife and the DCR have not limited access to state parks, recreation areas, trails, outdoor activities, and fishing remains open and legal in Massachusetts. Because of our physical similarity to park/river areas, Malden Anglers is following the lead of DCR and Mass. Fish and Wildlife requirements and procedures, and will continue to do so. As such, we have implemented the following temporary rules and restrictions:

  • Only solitary fishing is allowed
  • Apply good judgment to the amount of time spent at the club and don't overdo it
  • Practice social distancing of at least six feet between individuals at all times, including in the parking lot when arriving and departing
  • The Board of Directors strongly recommends wearing a cloth mask, buff, or similar to protect the other members (remember that you can possibly be spreading the virus even if you have no symptoms)
  • Administer healthy personal hygiene, such as hand-washing for at least 20 seconds or using your own alcohol-based hand-sanitizer upon entering and leaving the club
  • The clubhouse is closed except for using the restroom and any hand-washing, the first aid kit and AED have been moved to the hallway.
  • Use of fish cards is suspended until further notice, please keep track of your fishing for reporting later
  • Minimize contact with shared surfaces such as railings, oars, doorknobs, etc. (note that you can access the club touching only your own personal key-card)
  • Use your best judgment and leave the club should large gatherings begin to build.
  • .. and.. Stay home if you are ill.

We caution that everything about our current situation is in near-constant flux, and these rules may change. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any individual Board of Director member or to use the group email at

You are ultimately responsible for your own actions and for your choice to participate or not participate in Club opportunities, we urge you to stay up to date with CDC and other governmental information so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

We will get through this together; thank you for your cooperation,

On behalf of your Board of Directors.

Matthew Sherman, Treasurer


Since 1993

Anglers Are Who We Are

Malden Anglers is a fly-fishing club founded in 1946 located in Saugus, Massachusetts just minutes from Boston.

The club’s three acre trout pond is stocked twice a year with a variety of Brown and Rainbow trout and an occasional "Brookie". Seldom are fish caught less than 12 inches in length and "trophy" fish exceeding 18 inches are regularly stocked. For even the most experienced fly-fisherman, Malden Anglers offers some truly challenging fishing opportunities. Presentation and fly selection are keys to a productive day whether you are dry fly fishing, nymphing or stripping in a streamer. The area offers a chance to match-the-hatch against some pretty selective trout.

Club members can also enjoy a spacious clubhouse featuring a cozy wood burning stove, convenient bathrooms and a large deck overlooking Patkin Pond, our private trout pond.


Can We Answer Any Questions?

Contact us if you have any questions about the fishing experience, membership or the Malden Anglers community.